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If there is one thing more confusing then water ionizers, it is the water ionizer marketers. Each machine is the best, the cheapest and the most affordable. And of course your very life depends on having that particular water ionizer.

 I have had quite a few good laughs reading “free” reports on ionizers by some civic minded persons who have devoted their time to expose the scams and help people decide which ionizer to buy. The way they bend backward to promote the ultimate machine in water ionization is hilarious in the least. So I decided to jump in the foray.

Which water ionizer to buy? If I were in the market to get one for the family, I will consider the following aspects:-

  • Technical performance
  • Warranty
  • Aesthetics
  • Practical Issues
  • Price

To be very honest, there are only three main water ionizers in the market, which can deliver what they claim. They are Enagic’s SD-501, Ionways’ (formerly Jupiter) Delphi and Tyent’s MMP 9090 Turbo Extreme. They are comparable both in terms of quality and the price. Beware of the marketing trick where the marketer compares Ford Taurus with a Japanese compact and comes out with the verdict that the compact does not match the off road performance of the Taurus. You will see lots of such comparisons in the ionizers marketing.

Having said that let me now put the five aspects in a nutshell.

When I said that all three ionizers are in the same class, technically speaking they are. Just brush aside the tall claims being made by the manufacturers and concentrate on the core issue and that is the ionized water in which you are interested. All three are producing water which varies ever so slightly in alkalinity or acidity. The difference does not even matter.

Enagic is the only manufacturer which is using solid ionizing plates whereas the other two use the mesh variety. Enagic claims that the mesh plates are not only less effective, they produce pathogens which are detrimental to human health. The claims are not scientifically supported and, hence, carry no weight. Surface area of the plates is an important factor and in this regard Tyent MMP 9090 with nine solid mesh plates is a worthy contender to any challenger.

The next important point is the wattage of the machine. All three machines are operating at around 300 watts, which is a good power level for effective ionization. Tyent has the Patented SMPS system which not only prevents overheating but also keeps the bills low.

Do not get carried away with clauses like “life time warranty”, “free labor warranty” and loads of other warranties. In actual life, you sneeze above 10 decibels, and the warranty is void. Most of these warranties require you to ship the item at your own cost to their plant in the boondocks to claim the warranty. Apart from the shipping charges, which are like any other manufacturer, Tyent offers free life time replacement or repair for all models onwards of MMP7070 Turbo.

Will you be showing your guests your latest at acquisition for the kitchen? Or are you working full time in the kitchen so you want a beautiful piece of equipment to look at? If the answer is no, then go for a practical rather than a beautiful machine. You will save a few hundred dollars in the process.

During a normal day, your requirement of water will not exceed 10 to 20 liters in the kitchen. So going for a machine which produces 7 liters per minute to the one which produces only 3 liters is meaningless. Same will hold true for the energy consumption. Calculate for yourself the amount of energy consumed in a whole year at the rate you are using the machine.

This brings us to the price which is the real determining factor. Enagic, at nearly $4000, is by far the most expensive of the three brands being discussed. The reason is not an extraordinary quality, but the commissions involved in the MLM strategy it uses to promote and sell its merchandise. Tyent and Jupiter are more realistic and are available for around $2500 to $2700 or there about.

I just browsed at some of the stores to see what the prices were. While Enagic and Ionways                   ( formerly Jupiter) brands were selling at markedly varying prices, Tyent showed a remarkable stability. A comparison of its prices at different stores is produced here to give you an idea.

                               Tyent USA Ltd                                           $2495

                                Ionizer Oasis                                           $2495

                                Alkaline Water plus                                $2495

                                The Root to Life Ltd                                $2495

                                Micro Waterman.com                             $2395

This comparison should be sufficient for you to make a decision that Tyent USA is a no nonsense company which does not indulge in frivolous claims and extravagant commissions to its dealers to boost its sales. You can click right Here to get the best deals and receive some wonderful gifts in the bargain.


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